Welcome to “Impostor” by Fiona Fei

The Sim Quarterly is excited to welcome Fiona Fei to her first artist in residency here! She has created Impostor for us. She has described it as,

“A self portrait and a critique of myself as an artist.”

Fiona Fei

The exhibit showcases an ink-brush painting of mountains layered over each other to form landscapes often seen in many traditional Chinese landscape paintings. However, there are metaphorical “big red-flags” in the scene that interrupt the perfect serenity of the painting.

Fiona says that the inspiration behind this exhibit came from her cultural background as a Chinese American immigrant and her technical background as an oil painter.

While I am Chinese by decent, I have spent the majority of my life in the West. I have a fascination with Chinese history and culture, but I often feel like I’m viewing my ancestry through a filter of Americanized information and experiences. Furthermore, my artistic background has been in charcoal and oil painting mediums, and I’ve had very little experience in actual ink-brush painting. For these reasons, “Impostor” is meant to be a self critique and reflection of my inexperience with the actual ink-brush medium, where I feel like I’m never “good enough,” but I’m embracing it.

Fiona Fei

Other elements in the installation include the Red Hands reaching out from the white abyss of the painting to forcefully touch the scene. Red Flowers can be found to signify Fiona’s imagination beyond Chinese ink, and her love of whimsy. The Giant Ink splatters across the surface of the landscape signifies her inexperience becoming ever more present.

All the mistakes with the “brush” has manifested itself in explosions of ink.

Fiona Fei

The Sim Quarterly will have an opening party for Impostor starting at 8am on Sunday, March 1, 2020. The exhibit will be open until May 30, 2020. Please join us for the party or during Fiona’s residency!

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