Welcome to “Le Déraciné” by JadeYu Fhang

The Sim Quarterly is proud to welcome JadeYu Fhang as the Artist in Residence! She has been busy building, Le Déraciné (The Uprooted) for us!

She shared that it is her vision of…

How to transform the pain of uprooting into a poetic vision. ​

JadeYu Fheng

Upon arriving at Le Déraciné you will notice a village with sounds, lights, and dancing animesh characters. The ritualistic dance is only the beginning of your journey here. Just beyond these dancers is where you will discover a door or portal to transport you to JadeYu’s full creation.

Once you arrive at the main landing spot, you will immediately notice JadeYu’s use of light and sound. You will discover many ways to wander this vast, sim-wide installation from walking, flying, and discovering “paths” made simply from light and transparent mesh.

There are many ways to interact with the works, and since it is still so very early in the time of the residency I do not wish to spoil the treasures you should discover with your own experience there. Just make sure you click on objects to find out what is in store for you!

psst...coming soon (Sunday) to The Sim Quarterly

JadeYu’s influences span from Surrealism to dadaism. Le Déraciné may even have its roots in her desire to help visitors within Second Life…

lose one’s eye in the confusion of universes, sometimes using a naive or “blinded” vision, sometimes using the same sharp and accurate view as in real world.

JadeYu Fhang

The Sim Quarterly will have its opening party for Le Déraciné on Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 1 PM. JadeYu’s residency will continue forward for the next three months concluding on September 14, 2020. Please join us for JadeYu’s opening or during the quarter!

Le Déraciné by JadeYu Fhang at The Sim Quarterly Opens tomorrow at 1PM

Have fun and please enjoy. Please note, the sim will not be open until the start of the party at 1PM SLT.

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