Welcome to CELLS by Moki Yuitza

The Sim Quarterly is proud to welcome CELLS by Moki Yuitza

Suppose we can look inside the brain of an Artificial Intelligence, and above all see how it works, how its parts work. What would we see? In a digital world where everything is possible, who knows. Maybe this is what we would be able to see: Cells.

Upon arriving at The Sim Quarterly welcome area, the bot welcomes visitors via an IM with information about the installation, the artist, and settings to help with graphics for viewing CELLS. Next to her is a cone that dispenses information about a game Moki has put together for you while you explore CELLS.

To exit the landing area and enter the installation, just click the glowing center of the portal and arrive at the main part of CELLS!

After the short trip to the ground, you will see before you an illuminated path leading you to the center of CELLS – along the way, don’t forget to locate the cones—Moki has created and hidden some lights that will change you, others around you, and most importantly the exhibit as you wander with this attached light.

Don’t look away too quickly, because this installation changes no only by the light you attach to yourself, but also by its own movement!

There are multiple levels to this installment. You can fly, walk, and run – and you can even find there are stairs you could climb to each level.

Please join us 13 February 2021 at Noon as we welcome Moki to her residency at The Sim Quarterly!

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