Welcome to Krak Bak Caye by Elizabeth Jewell

The Sim Quarterly is proud to welcome back Elizabeth Jewell with Krak Bak Caye! This beautiful, tropical, scenic installation is available for all to enjoy from May 5 until July 25, 2021. Inspired by the beautiful tropical island Caulker Caye

Make sure your sounds are on! Bunyi has developed a custom sound immersion that brings the sights from Elizabeth to life!

When you arrive, the flight attendant greets you and delivers your Krak Bak Caye Tourist Guide book / HUD.

As you’ll learn in the Guide, Krak Bak is Belizean Kroil for relax, which is precisely what we hope you can do when you visit and explore!

Whether you need to relax at the Resort, shop on Main Street, sip cocktails at The Jronnkin Lizard, dig your toes in the sand, or SCUBA dive and snorkel, Krak Bak Caye is a destination for you! Oh, and check out the souvenirs in some of the shops – you can actually take things home just like in real life!

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