ElizabethNantesJewell Resident, known as Elizabeth Jewell, first joined SL in 2008, lost interest, but came back in 2010 and started messing around with prims in 2015. “I came back with the intention of trying my hand at sim design with my first build, +Follow Your Bliss+, a homestead sim that I redesigned twice, and then left it for a full sim, Fleur de Sel, that I still own today.”

She finds sim design relaxing, a positive focus, and a creative outlet that she can not only do from home, but also share with others. “That’s the real enjoyment, when I see other people feeling good visiting my sim!” she stated.

She based the design of Ghosts of Jericho off the inspiration of Acadia, Maine, and merged the inspiration with her imagination to what became Ghosts of Jericho. The design is available to visit from October 3, 2020 until January 16, 2021.