Fiona Fei began her Second Life journey on March 16, 2017 and made her first object immediately when she entered. One of her earliest big projects was the Perspective Museum, which she entered into a building contest that was museum-themed.  She also built many smaller art installations inside it . The project still exists in world on mainland at her studio. 

Fiona creates because, it’s a huge part of who she is. She began creating art at a very young age. She said, “It brings me comfort and helps me focus.  More importantly, I enjoy the process!”

Fiona believes that anything can be art, but GOOD art comes from the purest form of one’s imagination and presented in a way that showcases that thought visually and honestly.  “We can create art through a feeling, a memory, or a dream, and like all of these things, art can change and evolve.  Therefore, I would say that art is an organic form of our imaginations, and it can manifest itself in unpredictable ways.”

For for stay at The Sim Quarterly she has built, Impostor. Her wish is for viewers to feel like they can understand her, as an artist, better than they did going in.  If it is your first time seeing Fiona’s work she wants to give you a glimpse of who she is. “I want them (visitors) to feel like they stumbled into my subconscious a little bit.  In addition, I hope it’s an interesting and unique experience for the visitors.”

Fiona’s work will be at The Sim Quarterly from March 1, 2020 to May 30, 2020!