The Sim Quarterly’s 4th Artist in Residence, JadeYu Fhang, remembers being bored and disillusioned on New Year’s Eve of 2006, returning home and downloading Second Life! She did not begin her 3-D creations until 2 years later.

Jade said that it’s in her nature to create, and that it’s impulsive. “It is my zone of freedom and at the same time it is the means to expel all my feelings and visions. It’s also the way I share and exchange with others… It’s a bond.”

Jade’s upcoming installation at The Sim Quarterly is called “Le Déraciné” which is French for The Uprooted. It’s her hope that visitors experience pleasure in coming to discover something new. She isn’t telling much about it yet, because she wants us to be free to make our own interpretation of what we see and feel when visiting. “I don’t have any particular pretension except, perhaps, to try to give something that may allow certain questions to arise and to extend one’s view of the world around us,” she said when I asked what she hopes a visitor will take away with them.

Jade’s time as Artist in Residence at The Sim Quarterly begins June 14, 2020 and concludes on September 14, 2020.