Moki was born in SL on 16 May 2008, driven by the passion for the literary genre of cyberpunk and the curiosity to investigate the relationships between real and virtual identity.

She started created right away! “I was immediately fascinated by the endless possibilities offered by this metaverse.” She began to try to understand how to create something of her own, and the way to achieve what she had mind. She started to attend building classes, which led her to master the basics, and then over time she continued to experiment and deepen the possibilities offered by SL, such as physics, lighting or projections.

“From the beginning I found myself more comfortable working with basic prims. With simple, basic shapes, and some manipulation possibilities, I can create almost anything. Although I appreciate the possibilities offered by mesh, I continue to create exclusively using prim base. In addition, using basic prims allows me to work in-world instead of using an external program, which would force me to spend time out of world to realize my creations.”

She quickly realized that she could create her own variations of outfits and it became one of her biggest interests, even now, as she enjoys creating unique variations of her particular outfits for her different looks.


As her skills progressed one of the first builds she showed to others was a commissioned piece—a mechanical, steampunk leg. She soon made other parts of a steampunk avatar—hands and wings. Much later, she produced her first “public” creation, Hypercube in October 2018, and since then, she hasn’t stopped and doesn’t plan to!

For Moki, “building with prims is a way like any other to create something. A kind of digital brush and colors, I could say. In RL I am an architect, and in this metaverse I found the possibility to realize my idea of space and my architectural fantasy, as well as to share it with other people.”